I need some help with LCD tv's

    We are thinking of getting a new tv (currently have one of the old massive 28" tv's that is about 10 yrs old). Therefore we are a bit behind the times with technology.
    We are looking for a 32" LCD tv with budget £350 ish, but have the following questions which I am hoping someone could help with?

    1) what features signify a good quality tv / what should we be looking for?
    2) what brands are good and which are those we should avoid (brands like toshiba, panasonic, sony, samsung, philips, grundig, sanyo, LG etc)

    Will rep for any help. Thanks!!

    EDIT - have seen this one:…JUN

    is it a good one or not? There seems to be so much techinical jibberish to me!!


    Look for a high contrast ratio and I would look at LG and Samsung


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    Look for a high contrast ratio and I would look at LG and Samsung

    Thanks for that - are LG ok for tv's?

    You'll get loads of different answers as to what's good or not, as most people have different experiences when it comes to consumer products.... the best advice I could give is when you have found a TV you think is OK, have a look at a decent review site for that item.

    Personally I prefer samsung for most things, Tv, mobile, printer, laptop... and can remember reading a while back that it's samsung who make most LCD panels anyway, even if they are branded as sony etc.

    [COLOR="SeaGreen"]I'd reccomend LG they are the best, also they supply all the components for the other manufacturers[/COLOR]
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