i need some info asap on projectors!

    hi i was wondering do projectors have scart input?


    Dont think they do ...... just use google

    Original Poster

    yeah i loked and it doesnt say so thanks thogh

    I would have thought some should have as you can plug alot of things into them.

    It tended to be the older generation of projectors that had scart, before high definition and HDMI started to be added instead.

    Panasonic in particular used to add scart connections to their home cinema projectors. The Panasonic AE200, AE300 and AE500 all had scart connections, but are discontinued so would only be available second hand now.

    Problem is, scart is a pretty European thing, the rest of the world doesn't tend to bother with it. Scart will also look rubbish on a high definition projector nowadays, and I don't know of any that still have it.

    Most projectors do still have composite though, so if you're not using RGB scart, you'll be able to use an adaptor to convert to composite. It'll look absolutely rubbish though, and RGB Scart won't work.
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