I need to buy 2 DS lites. I have found a deal but would welcome any advise!

    I am looking to purchase 2 DS lites for my twin girls and have searched for the best deals.

    I think my best option is to order from

    One ds (pink) with Cooking momma 2 game and one ds (red) with brain training game.

    Total = £199.98

    Can any one beat this price before I order???

    Thanks for your help


    Hi, I'm no expert but seems a good price - I payed £100 for mine without a game. Although I know u can get em a bit cheaper than this now. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I think it seems to be the best price, but you know how it is, if I don't ask first, someone will post a better deal 5 minutes after I've ordered:-D

    Yh. happens to me allll the time lmao


    have you looked at argos, both of mine are from there, also paid the £16 for the replacement cover, also argos have the ree gift card at mo which gets you £10 back for £100 spend, so buy them seperately, also some stores have been giving the £10 gift card when £100 gift cards purchased, but not all stores, so get a good store and could get back £20 on each ds, which will pay for the 3 year replacement cover, if problem in 1st year they replace (unless its not accidental damage then you claim replacement on warranty and cover is ended, but you can purchase warranty again on new one) so you get 3 years accidental damage cover (again once claimed warranty is over) but if it goes wonky and its a problem with ds within 1st year they replace and not repair, and your warranty restarts again

    use quidco if you do buy from Game to get a bit of cashback :thumbsup:

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    I thought of argos but when I read the t&c's, it says the gift vouchers are not given when you purchase a gift card:x I know I could still get it for £10 less but thats with out a game so thought the deal was slightly better on those terms:?

    I will give my local argos a ring though and see if they will give a voucher if I buy a git card:)


    they wont give gift cards, they have fixed that loophole, but many are saying some are still giving, its a chance you take i suppose, i only got from there because i wanted the replacement warranty, and so glad i did, sons screen starting coming away after 6 months, had i not had the replacemnt warranty they would have sent it away to be fixed, but because i had it it was replaced there and then and the replacement warranty restarted for another 3 years from that date without having to use it as it was a maunfacturors fault, same happended with daughters hers stopped charging after 8 months, and again it was replaced and warranty restarted because it was a manu fault

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    Thanks sassie, that's good advise:)
    I always seem to miss out on loop holes:roll:

    Cheerleader, thanks for the reminder about quidco... I always forget that too:roll:

    Kyalon, thanks for the link...... that DS is now showing at £84:w00t: but it doesn't appear to be in stock:x

    Thanks everyone, off to rep you

    If you buy from Game order seperately and use the voucher.…e=2
    Also go through Quidco for up to 11% cashback.
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