I need to get some Injection's to go to Africa,

    Does any one know about Immunisation centre's i need my jabs, I cant get to my doctor in time for the injections to be fully effective.
    Im close to london so there should be one somewhere.

    I have looked but can only found private doctors, i need it to be cheap or free or on the NHS (i pay my taxes:)

    Please help this is a holiday of a life time.


    i had to get some injections done privately when i was goin on my first ever lads holiday, i was going 2 days after i had my injection and after i had it done and paid them £60 they say "it will b effective in 10days" and i was bk in england before it even worked lool! bloomin cheek! id try and stay nhs if i were u, expensive that private malarky, but if theres no other way of gettin it in time for it to b effective other than private, make sure u get it done!

    yellow fever - sure i got that in my backside - or hep -----typhoid - god it was sore!!!!…SKw

    few more around - if you look

    I've travelled Africa extensively and you really need to get your jabs and potentially, protection against malaria (the tablets made me really ill too!). The thing is that some of these jabs take a while to give you protection and others like Hepatitis are administered in seperate doses, over a period of time.

    Seriously, you need to check the specific area of Africa you are going to and what is recommended for there. If they have a typhoid outbreak for example, I wouldn't go without the jab!

    Have a fantastic time and be safe.

    [QUOTE, protection against malaria (the tablets made me really ill too!).][/QUOTE]

    same here - have they got the injection for malaria out yet??

    as long as you are sensible - that is using repellant and covering arms and legs - feet - socks over cotton leggings especially at night - dont forget to use mozzie nets -

    where are you going - love africa - wanting to go to botswana

    have a great time

    Original Poster

    Thanks every 1. im going to ghana BTW


    Thanks every 1. im going to ghana BTW

    you wont get typhoid - yellow fever innoculations etc on nhs - never have done - 1 time i paid doctor for private prescription for typhoid etc - he then charged me for giving jab!!

    have they said cholera as well - experts now say you are not fully covered if yur gonna get it - you will - so save your money

    be sensible and you will be fine - have a ball - go up coast a bit and visit senegal - :thumbsup:

    i am so jealous

    you can get them at one of the trailfinders' offices (I believe their main one) although you need to pay for the shots

    Travel vaccinations are classed as non NHS work so a charge can be made for them. Malaria tablets cannot be issued on a prescription so that is why you have to purchase them separately via pharmacist. Some people will issue a private prescription for them which might work out cheaper.

    Call your surgery and ask all the info, they should be able to tell you up front how they operate it. Some surgeries don't do any sort of travel vaccinations at all.

    NOT all practices charge for tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A or B, diptheria. You can only check with your local practice where you are registered (free at my surgery). Unfair and confusing for everyone but because it is non NHS, they can all operate differently.

    Yellow Fever can only be given at special centres and definte charge for that.

    Biggest problem is that people do not leave enough time to fit them all in, so essential that you act soon for them to be effective, at least a few months before you go.

    Have a great time

    and don't blame me

    I don't make the rules!
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