I only have one word Stupid !!

    just saw this and i didnt think people are this stupid


    Original Poster[/IMG]

    Only in America

    They look American to me.

    Its natural selection at it's best :thumbsup:

    set up

    They are european i think.

    and yes its set up.

    yeah i agree it is stupid,,i mean come on who leaves their beers to go warm in the sun!

    Lol! Oh Dear

    I agree........who'd put their face on the internet with a body like that. Shameful. :-D


    set up

    Agreed :thumbsup:


    Agreed :thumbsup:


    you should the next pic after the incident

    i think its eastern European and a total setup. Its also part of a series. In the rest of the series you get to see whats under the water making that guy smile!


    It's from a German LAN party and a staged picture ie a JOKE

    is it the saint,bg1 and jfk with f&f taking the picture?


    is it the saint,bg1 and jfk with f&f taking the picture?

    There not that old, and we could ID one of them and that's not there style.:w00t:
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