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    What is the best way to get an I Phone for someone who doesn't make phone calls?


    Go to the shop and get one!

    Buy. An itouch

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    Got a touch but apps restricted by wifi availability and no camera

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    Most 'deals' refer to minutes & texts but these are not that important so just need to know if there is a simple way of getting the phone without breaking the bank

    pay as you go, :thumbsup:

    Pay as you go will be cheapest option for air time (internet access etc) but buying an iPhone will deffo break the bank! You know how much they cost? Look on eBay, not cheap...

    try your local CEX store maybe?

    You can go for mifi on the 3 network. Doesn't help the camera bit but at least you can get online whenever you want.

    steal one and dont get caught good luck
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