I Phone Contract Deals out there??? What Deal did you get?

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Found 17th Nov 2010

Am thinking of getting an Iphone on contract am just wondering if anyone has found a good deal recently and what it is? Do you think am better of waiting until after christmas?

What mins did you get? How longs the contract and price per month and phone price?



Most of the contracts are for 2yrs, unless you can stump up a lump of cash... Since Apple set their own prices, I'll doubt they'll be a significant price drop after Christmas (especially with the VAT rise at the beginning of Jan!).

Your better off buying the phone outright (if you can afford to part with the money) and getting a 12mth Sim Only deal which would give you possibly double the amount of mins, txts and internet than an actual iPhone contract would.

Agreed. You're better off buying the phone outright and getting one of these

My wife recently bought the iphone4 from Tesco mobile. It worked out to £649 over 1 year, including the tariff for first year (12x£35 + £229 upfront cost) ... plus you get clubcard points, etc, etc if you are into this. Thereafter you have the handset and can go anywhere.


It seemed a good deal as contract only 12 months, rather than usual 24 everywhere else. Biggest hassle was actually getting hold of one as you could not reserve one and stock arrivals were a bit hit or miss and they flew out as quickly as they arrived. Took about 3-4 visits before she got lucky.
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