I am not keen on the I phone, I have HTC Desire which I am happy with. But brother has a type of blood cancer and needs to spend approx 6 weeks in hospital isolation (bone marrow), said he would now like one.

    I am determined to get him one but I am out of the loop on what prices / deals there are on these.

    Would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions please



    I bought mine last week( sunday ) from the voda shop in my local town..

    32gb Iphone 4 ( pay as you go)for £560( its more online at the voda shop) of your English pounds, as I am on a rolling 30day contract I have 900 mins unlimited texts and 500gb of internet jobby..

    Hi, depends what you want are looking at payg? If you looking at contract there are a couple of deals through cashback sites Quidco and topcashback offering upto a £100 back( so the phone itself after cashback is basically free). Good luck!

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    As ever thanks guys. Will investigate.

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