i-phone for Christmas?

    My husband would like one of the new i-phones, but neither of our contracts are up for renewal (O2) - if I buy him one for Christmas, what would be the cheapest way for me to do it?


    Does it have to be new? A second hand one from here or somewhere like gumtree would berth cheapest way to go, remember to be safe though when trading on gumtree

    buy a payg from Apple store or Apple store online - these phones are unlocked and will work on any network.
    Avoid Ebay like the plague to many conmen - like someone already said.
    Then visit an O2 store and ask for a contract micro simcard for the iphone. It gives you intructions how to transfer existing simcard details onto new iphone - takes 2 minutes online!
    You need to do the above a hubby will have larger simcard and the iphone 4 uses a smaller microsim card.
    I have the new iphone and it is great!
    Your Hubby will be a very Happy Man - you will never wash dishes again! lol

    reread your post - no cheap way to get an iphone 4 that is why i suggested buying a payg one.
    You could buy out of contract if you have a few months remaining and start again!
    Best to use existing contract and go PAYG.
    Might be worth chatting with your local O2 shop if contract near end.
    hope thiss helps

    I managed to get an Iphone on contract and my contract wasnt ready for renewal for 6 months.

    Its the 3g though and not the 4!

    they gave me £120 cash back which was the amount to cancel my old contract for the new one!

    this was at phones for you!

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    Thanks everyone!
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