i phone? witch one is best?

    hi im very tempted by a iphone but have no idea what all the different ones are, went to the phone shop and the 16 year old sales rep didnt help, wuouldnt be used for all the tecno stuff for making reciving txt calls and using the net a bit so what one do i go for any help appreciated thanks,x


    the 1st generation one

    I prefer witch two !

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    haha thanks,x whitch witch and witch iphone? any help?

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    are they cheeper then? what model are they? as you can tell not techno phob,x

    The 3g is fine for usual use.
    but you will probably get the bug and want to use it all the time.
    Go for the 3GS if you can afford it.
    If you get the 3G you might wished you bought the 3GS after you like it so much.

    lol im joking the 3gs is the one but between the 3g and 3gs there not much difference.

    The iphone 3g 8gb is usually around £220-£250 and the 16gb is £250-£300.

    The 3gs 16gb is around £320-£380

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    ok thanks, for all your help, will go 2wmr due a upgrade try for one of these,x

    my prices which were stated were for used iphones. The 16gb iphone 3g isnt available newly anymore as they've stopped production of it.

    The 3GS has a faster processor than the 3G, the 3GS has a better resolution camera (3.2MP rather than 2.0MP), 3GS has video recording/playback, 3GS has better battery life, 3G is 8GB, 3GS is available in 16GB and 32GB. I think pretty much evrything else is the same. I have a 3G and the only thing that frustrates is the processor speed, it is noticeable. However for the £100 saved I can live with it, for now!

    I have had all,the 2g was brilliant,didnt rate the 3g but really enjoy the 3gs

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    so 3gs is the one to go for then,x
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