I-Pod Help Please!

    Im going on holiday in less than 2 hours, my bro's got an i pod nano and does all his songs onto it off the pc, ive got a shuffle and cant get the ones i want to go on it on there and mum can't remember (is too stressed)

    Please can someone help me and tell me how to do it, i thought i had them on there



    is the ipod sinking up if not transfer the music direct from the apple music folder from the my documents folder and transfer the songs to the media device

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    thanks ill try it.

    i though i had them on it until i looked.


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    how do i transfer from my doc's???

    drag and drop

    hold down left mouse button and drag over the music you want


    on itunes,

    file>add folder to library> then choose what folder

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    thanks for your quick responses!! :oops:

    lol i was typing as fast as i could then i forgot what to do after file then i had to wait an age for my itunes to load!

    have you sorted it now? i know what a pain ipods are

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    think errrrr.....
    shuffle so cant see!
    Lol :roll:
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