i POD please

    IPod please - Looking to purchase a pod thingy, have budget up to £150 no idea whats best, good or bad. Any advice or leads gr8ly appreciated. Being a 'senior' type of guy(old hippy) I throw myself on the mercy of others more wiser with this technology.

    Thanx and regards in anticipation.


    [COLOR=purple]New Apple iPod - 30GB - Black [with video playback][/COLOR]

    Price: £168.15 delivered + 3.5% Quidco

    Where: ]Dixons


    [COLOR=purple]Refurbished Apple iPod - 30GB - Black [with video playback][/COLOR]

    Price: £143 delivered + 4% Quidco

    Where: ]Apple

    Eggman, the refurbished one is within your budget. :wink:

    I got mine from The Link, not sure what the offer is like there at the moment...

    **** EDIT - in the time that I wrote this someone else suggested a little more for the Video Ipod. Way to go I reckon! ****

    For just a little little bit more than your budget you can get the 30gig Video iPod from ] (£172.99inc vat - black) Slightly bigger and heavier than the iPod nano, but capable of storing a lot more information...

    THen again, if you are going to be using for listening to music whilst running for example, no point in having video or so much storage space - Best to go perhaps for the iPod Nanofrom ] 2Gb (£112.95 inc vat - black) or 4Gb (£144.98 inc VAT - white) The Nano model has no moving parts so will not skip... although i go running with the Video Ipod sometimes and it never skips despite having a harddisk in it! Perhap I just don't run fast enough!

    Failing that you can can an iPod shuffle for about 50quid in lots of places, but they only hold up to 1Gb and have no screen!!!! I have one and I wouldn't by another!!!!!!

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    Many, many, thanx for the heads up people - I can stretch the budget to suite these posts. Methinks I have an expensive 3 years coming up - looks like working harder.

    Eggman, if you are not going for cashback - this is the cheapest price for a Brand New 30GB Video Ipod


    30GB video iPods are well worth it. The videos are great quality!!

    The Iaudio Is By Far Better Then Ipods In Sound Quality Theres No Competiton Iaudio Wins By Far Videos Superb Battery Life 35 Hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not A Measely 12-15 Hours And Battery Life Eats Why Much Faster When You Watch Videos. I Have The Iaudio X5l.

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    thanx sarbjeet - plse bear with me - I need to check out this latest Gizmo stuff - it may be an age thing ... where did all those years go too?????? will report back. God Bless. sandisk E250 is an Ipod nano beater , cheaper and better battery life. There is a 2,4,6 and now 8GB version. Flash memory so no breakable moving parts.

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