I pod touch 4th Gen HELP!!!

    Bought 4th gen i pod touch today, CANNOT get it to connect to my wifi. Driving me absolutely mad as the wifi passkey is over 20digits long and I've tried typing it in every which way.

    Can someone help please?! It's an orange home wifi, I've pressed the button on our router to allow a new device to join etc and typed all the info in my i pod, it just says cannot connect, no reason why, so annoying!!!

    I am a technophobe so simple instructions please, imagine you're explaining to your great great granny!!!



    when i couldnt connect mine it was because the letters should have been capitals

    the best way to enter the key is to write it in your notes app. make sure that you have every character's case correct. read through it a few times to ensure it's correct then copy and paste the code into the box for the network key.

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    Thats such a good idea, will definately use that!! Is it a common problem or just me being 'fick?

    its very easy to type it incorrectly as you only see the last character for a short time. using notes makes it easier as you can see the whole code. plus you'll need to enter the code again if it loses the connection data or if you do a restore

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    After an hour unsuccessfully we're all sorted and I'm online now!! pain in t'bum!!!

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    Oh and thanks so much for your help!!
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