i pod touch 8gb

    My son is doing my head in. He wants one and everywhere says the old one will be cheaper but it stll has not happened.
    Does anyon ehave a magic ball to predict when it will be as he has money burning a hole in his pocket!!

    Thanks as always


    not sure it's going to happen, they were all reduced prior to release of the new one's last year and they have been out a while now.

    the reason that they havent come down in price is that there isnt a huge difference in functionality between them, only the updated technology that doesnt change the unit as a whole.

    If you are looking for a brand new ipod touch 8gb then you'd be hard pushed to find one for less than £135.

    try getting one from here seen a few for sale most in good condition

    Original Poster

    Hi Thanks all

    need a new one and hoping to get an extra guarantee as well.
    Heres hoping
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