Hi brought a ipod touch from argos today gen 1 got it home and have updated the software to the new 2.1 version so gone on the store and purchased couple of free apps but having trouble getting them on to my touch they are showing up in i tunes and when i try and drag them onto the touch nothing is happening anyideas folks???


    When you plug the ipod in and it starts syncing it goes to a separate page, with little tabs that say different things like music etc. Make sure wherever the apps are, that they are checked so that they sync onto your ipod, thats all i can think of.


    I had this problem with one app, I just right clicked on my ipod and then selected sync. That seemed to work

    Yer click on your ipod on the itunes page, the click on te apps tab, and select sync all apps to ipod.

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    thanks guys ive do it just shut down i tunes then opened it again and it sync... so im new to all this anybody got any tips and recommendations to download from i tunes for free thats anygood?


    on your ipod go to apps store, click on top 25 at the bottom of the screen, then click on top free (top of the screen) that will bring up the better free apps. You can then choose top 50 at the bottom of that screen

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    Clever enough to pay (possibly) for the upgrade and install it but not to … Clever enough to pay (possibly) for the upgrade and install it but not to add programs!:whistling:Expect plenty of these ipod threads in the next couple of days:whistling:

    yeah did pay 5.99 not that good on computer and have now found the free stuff thanks guys got the pint and the lighter on there now very clever :thumbsup:

    if you do a google search on iphone and i touch app's you will find lots of sites which recomend and review different applications. It depends on what you want it to do. I had a 2g iphone and jail broke it using Zibree's software and then used the applications store that appears on there and the applications were a lot better than the apple applications store. I know have a 3g iphone which I havent joilbroken so I have used both sides of the coin. I would recommend running the itouch on wireless broadband if you have it at home and downloading the applications through that then they automatically appear on the itouch rather than doing them through the computer as I had problems getting the applications from the computer to my phone it seems to be hit and miss whether they sync, however they sync from phone(touch) to computer straight away.

    Good luck, Message me if I can be of any other help.
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