My i pod touch has suddenly stopped charging,i've tried charging it by plug and usb port but neither seem to work unless i really wiggle the charger going into the ipod and keep it held just in the right position! anybody any ideas what i can do to fix the problem???

    Thanks in advance.


    Same thing happened to mine last yr (just over a yr old at the time), I gave their call center a ring.. the fella made me answer all sorts of daft questions, like had I dropped it, dropped it down the loo - was I sure Id not got it wet, did the earphone port look pink or something.. Id already explained that it had just stopped charging etc, that it simply seemed to have a faulty connection as the charger was still working on my other Ipod.
    Anyway, he finally said he'd send me out a bag and sufficient packaging etc, then to ring up for it to be collected and looked at/repaired. They ended up sending me a new one (in bubble wrap and a box, not the usual clear boxes). From sending it away to getting a new one it was no more than a week

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    was your ipod under warranty? how much did it cost in the end? who was it that repaired it?

    Sorry for all the questions but i'm eager to get it fixed!!

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