i pod v's other mp3 players?

    HI all i need to buy two mp3 players for myself and my other half for christmas, as i know nothing about them i though i would get your advice on here. Which is better an i pod maybe classic or the new nano or someting different like the creative zen 30 gb ones or sony version?

    not looking looking to spend hundreds or pounds but dont mind paying more for quality and features etc

    any help is much appreciated


    They is so much choice (put down criteia and I will try and help)
    Make a list eg.
    what storage is min
    what size is ideal


    16gb Sony Walkman model number s639 has just come down to £99 in some Sony Centres (they are not all affiliated so not sure if others are doing the same offer) but this walkman is awesome and comes with EX85 headphones which are worth £45 retail on their own. I have just switched to ipod touch from a Sony walkman and imo the sony was much better at reproducing clear bass notes and a higher volume in general. but as ratatata says ipods are more than an mp3 player if you get a touch you have wifi access etc so its about coming to a compromise

    EDIT: Iplayer content can be downloaded to this also so you can have your favourite shows on your walkman for up to 7 days

    Nano hands down, or if you can afford it go fo rthe touch, tehy are so much more than just an MP3 player. I have a 16 gig one and would not be without it

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    i do like the look and idea of atouch but fear they are to pricey lookinf for at least 16 gb i would have thought to huge a good choice at all times on there and i guess around the 150 mark

    I love suntans idea

    got the other half the creative zen 8gb only because of the size the fact it has a screen and you can top it up with an sd card (got an 8gb card for 12.99) this was 6 months ago so prices and technology has probably moved on since but shes happy with it

    Just ordered 4 of these for christmas presents. The reviews are quite good.…180

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    is that i player on the touch or the sony?
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