i pod with dock also home phone with speaker phone

    I got 2 requests if anyone can help me with either i would reallly appreciate it

    Firstly i am after a i pod that i can use with a docking system so when im at home i can pu it in and playmusic out directly with that....if that makes sense!? i havent got a stereo at home as dont like the big bulkiness of them. I dont kno wif i have to get a percific make or model or anything about they have to be i pods? anything cheapest that does the same thing maybe?

    Secondly im after a cheap homephone handset with or without answering machine. But must have speaker phone! i am always in ques with one or naother company and im going to get a permant tilt to the left sooner or later! at this moment im on phone to eleccy compant lol....yeah as i say cheaper the better twin pack if works out cheaper as could put one up stairs ( save me running downstairs after the phone only to miss it and trod on a bit of kills) need it asap as phone not going to last long.

    Rep given many thanks


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    Try looking here for some ideas of type and prices as it really depends what you want to pay:…tml

    Then perhaps ask again for advice about the make etc., and the dock.

    There is also a homephone set in the list on ^^ that page but you will need a more technically minded poster to give an idea of suitability to your needs.


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    thabks palspal i actually need to know what music device whether a ipod or mp4 player goes onto a docking stystem... then generally the cheapest one....with a toddler things dont tend to last that long!

    I will look on there for homephone ta

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    Ordered my home phone with speakerphone for £10 delivered

    Still need advice on ipod or another music device that goes onto a docking system??
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