I pressed something and now I have weird text instead of spaces and gaps between paragraphs

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Found 17th Mar 2008
As it says in the title, I have accidently pressed something on my computer and now when I type in word I no longer have spaces I have dots, and instead of a gap I have this weird symbol like two lines and a curve bit on the left hand side (all joined up as one symbol).

Can anyone help? I have work to do and its stressing me out not being able to change it back!


did you hold shift for to long, then some sticky keys come up.

try restarting your computer.

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Ok I'll try now...

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I tried holding down shift again but it won't work. Restarted computer and that hasn't changed it. I think the symbol in between paragraphs is the paragraph symbol. I've opened new documents and it is the say no matter what now.

Do you mean in microsoft word? You have turned on show hidden characters...

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That sounds right - how do I turn it off?

I'm shattered and pressed something whilst typing but have no idea what!

Don't worry you havent done any damage! Is it Word 2007 or Word 2003?

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Thank goodness! Word 2003 I believe

In Word 2007 you just press this button:
The characters just indicate where spaces/paragraphs are, can be useful for proofreading. Haven't got 2003 on here but I'll try and find out what you press if noone else beats me to it!

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Ah I see thank you! - took a bit of searching as it is hidden on my toolbar and I needed to extend the toolbar out to see it - hence why I had no idea how to get it off!

God I wish I had the patience to learn more about computers - I couldn't get rid of those characters let alone post a pic like that!

Thank you so much x

No probs ;-)
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