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I put my RM Special Delivery letter in a red post box, what will happen?

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Posted 7th Nov 2013
I made a massive mistake! I wanted to send my brother in law £400, so I thought RM Special Delivery was best suited for it. So I bought the label/delivery online and stuck it on the envelope. I packaged the money well inside the envelope as I was still concerned about sending money through the post, so the money is well covered up (I put it inside another envelope, so it's an envelope inside an envelope). I then put in the Red Post Box as I thought this was what I was supposed to do, I read online today that I shouldn't have done that, I should have gone to the Post Office.

So it's too late to retrieve the letter now, what do you reckon will happen to it? Does it not get delivered as it's not a normal stamp? Or will it still get delivered? Will it get sent to a branch and properly processed? Will a postman recognize I made a mistake and steal the letter as there's nothing I can do about it?

I realize I'm an idiot, but all I'm asking for is what you seriously think will happen. Please don't ask me how I made such a mistake or what I should have done, as it's too late for that and it's not helpful.

Thanks, any help is appreciated!
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