I really need a Lush online/telephone/mail order discount, please help!

    I need to make an order for some things from Lush (the cosmetic, bath, girlie place!). I promised my mum I would get her a few things and would be very appreciative if anyone has any type of voucher, free delivery, x% off, free gift, anything!
    Unfortunately we don't have a store near us and so have got to do an online/telephone/mail order.

    Thank you in advance. And I looked on fleabay for the items I want and no luck so ordering direct is my only option.


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    Thank you though unfortunately they don't have anything...noooooo. Rep added for help, kindness and effort at such a funny hour of the night/morning! Big thank you.

    You're welcome and thank you. I work nights!

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    Anyone able to help? Voucher still very much needed!!

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    Hi hdixon85, sorry but I have searched for codes and found none. If I come accross any you'll be the first to know!

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    Thank you, rep for looking, much appreciated.

    EDIT: it won't let me give you rep says I have to spread it about a bit. Will come back later in a few days and give you some
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