I really need help!!!

    Hi, I have sold 4 DS Lite games on Feebay but i can't get to delete the saved games on them, can anyone please tell me how to remove them, i've tried looking all day on the internet but nothing i've came across has worked.



    The option will be on the game somewhere
    ( or on your memory card if they are saved on there )
    What games are they?

    If I was buying a 2nd-hand game, I would expect there to be a gamesave on them, so I wouldn't worry about it... that is, unless you claimed they were new?!?

    Like they said above, there will generally be an option or a button combination (generally written in the manual)... but there are a couple of games that do not let you delete the gamesave! I think one was Pokemon Ranger? Can't remember now....

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    Hi, The game are below, i did say they were new as my daughter only played them once for about 20mins but didn't like them so that's why i sold them, i have checked through the manuals but nothing is in there Thanks for all the help.

    Imagine Pet Vet
    My Animal Centre in Africa
    Imagine Figure Skater
    Animal Paradice

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