I really need some motivation to do work!

    So...I have approx 3 weeks, to do 2x 3000 word assignments, and a 10000 word dissertation...I haven't started any and im really finding it hard to even think about looking at... Basically I thought i could waste more time telling everyone about my obsession of timewasting
    oh...and ask what people do/did to get motivated to do work...I'm due to graduate in the summer and that target isn't cmpelling me to do the work.
    ..If no one has any ideas...its basically a way to waste more time reading what people put


    Tell me about it! Two weeks to go, three 3000 words essays still to do!

    would you like fries with that?

    motivation???.. easy.. MOVE YOUR BUTT AND WRITE SOMETHING!!!

    better now?

    Original Poster

    lol its just soooooooo boring as well!!!!! law is perhaps one of the most pointless things ever! And whenever i leave the house I start thinking i should be home so i can get some work done...and when i stay in i find ways to avoid it lol

    ....just got the idea to do mi nails lol

    Sounds like you're one of those people who needs pressure to work!

    I was the same in uni. Left 3000 word essays until the night before, hell I left my dissertation until 5 days before it was due!

    But then again.. can't image law being an easy subject to blag. Atleast this post shows the first signs of being under pressure. Get your head down :-)

    Heres a pause for thought that may motivate you OP......

    Do the God dam work and make the effort, in which case you will have the opportunity to pass and get a good paying job which will support a good way of life......


    dont to the work, timewaste, fail the course....and then the only thing you will need to learn is to watch the fryer so that the fries dont burn, put them into nice little cardboard holders and pass them to other members of your "crew". Then when you eventually get home around midnight on a Saturday after hard days work for a pittence of a pay, you'll sit and think about the time when you should have written those essays as you'd want be out enjoying yourself at the weekend rather than working in a dead end minimum paid job struggling to get cash together to pay the rent in some drug den of a block of flats somewhere in hell....... that the smell of burning ink on the paper right now coz you should be writing like a fart in a high wind at this point, I know I would be :-D

    Original Poster

    lol...I am now attempting to start one of the 3000 thinking if i get one of them done...i will be able to to the dissertation and the other assignment alongside each other...thanks for the words of encouragement!!! lol

    Suggest either
    1. you get your head down
    2. negiotiate time out from the course with tutoring staff
    3. get used to standing in the signing on queue in bleak economic times when you get thrown off the course
    4. win the lottery

    I am sure you will pick the best option for you

    Original Poster no offers for someone to do the work for me???? tut!

    lil_tiger;4583763 no offers for someone to do the work for me???? tut!

    I'll do the work...but it'll cost you :whistling:


    would you like fries with that?

    that works for me lol
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