I requested my PAC code from 3 but they've told me I have to have a fresh 30 day notification period, which I'm already half way through, so I'd have to pay another month! Ofcom says a few hours max, is 3 exempt or should I be complaining big time?!

    After spending 20 minutes on the phone with an advisor offering me useless deals after asking for my PAC code, they came back and said I'd have to set a new 30 day term on my account to receive my PAC code. Seems like utter bull, but I'm no expert so thought I'd check here before getting back to them to complain?


    The way I understand it, it seems that you cancelled 15 days ago but have since decided you wish to port your number out to another network. In order for 3 to do this, it seems they have to reverse your previous cancellation and process the PAC request which is where the 30 clear days come in.

    Whether or not they are allowed to do it this way, I do not know. Probably...

    As long as it's 30 Days till the end of your contact or your contact has already lapsed, they should give you your PAC instantly or within a week through the post.…PAC

    The only reasons why a provider can refuse to give a PAC are:

    the number does not belong to the customer of the losing mobile provider
    the account for that number has been terminated
    the account holder has died
    a PAC has already been issued and is still valid
    the customer has not adequately proved that he or she is the legitimate account holder.
    Your provider cannot refuse to issue a PAC if you have any outstanding bills or charges to pay.
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