I said I'd never reach 5,000 posts.

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Found 28th Jun 2008
Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Who knows???

I'm off to do some of those jobs that I've been putting off for ages. If you've got some to do then don't put them off, get them done!!!

And a final thought, you may think that life sucks at times, but think yourself lucky you don't work in a sweat shop in the far east, or live in Zimbabwe and are threatened with death if you don't vote the right way. I find that I consider myself very lucky when I think of that, we should all appreciate the things we have in life a little more and not take things for granted.

Will he make it?
- dontdothatagain

Come on BM one more post and yore at 5k (unless your ISP goes bust-LOL)
- harlzter

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Im taking bets that you will;-)

wtf are you to hand down life lessons to me.

Quit at 4999! Congratz.

Bet you will :thumbsup:

Congrats for when you tho!

I'll send congrats, if/when you post!


499(9) - bowled! ;-)

Well benji, what's made you so philosophical today??

well done

So until then, can we say, Benjimoron is one post short of a .........?


congratz my man! come on - lets see 5000!

5000-1 = FAIL!



Delete all your older posts. :-D hen you will never reach 5k posts

While you're in such a thoughtful & generous mood you could always make post 5000,

"I've just donated a fat wad of cash ](HERE) just to keep you happy Uncle Charlie!!?!"!?!

1 breath short of this ....


So until then, can we say, Benjimoron is one post short of a .........?



Original Poster

Ok guys, I'm back!!!

Thought I'd try not posting for a few days to see if I could do it. I managed 4 days by the looks of it, I was aiming for a week but I've seen a couple of things I want to post on.

So, there you have it, 5000 posts!!! Let the party commence!!!

Congrats! Well Done!

Done Deal!

Congrats and well done! :thumbsup:
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