I saw 'AMS 1' today

Posted 25th Feb 2008
Makes ya sick that some people can afford a number plate that is worth more than the contents of the average house lol
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what is 'ams 1'? i'm not really up on current number plate affairs...
i hope u shouted "your fired"
Round here there's VK2, VK3, bet you cant guess which company's owner they belong to?
First clue starts with V ends with K no spaces in between!

what is 'ams 1'? i'm not really up on current number plate affairs...

AMS 1 is Alan Sugar's number plate (on a Rolls-Royce Phantom).

He apparently bought it 40 years ago, so I doubt it cost him much.
Surely not expensive as something like "A1" or "B29" or something.

One of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, ever was "K1 NGS".

single digit.
The number plate "5" was bought for 25.2 million dirhams ($6.86m) in Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich capital of the UAE.
Essex County Council just sold the number plate F1, which was first registered in 1904. It went for a UK record £375,000 and was bought by Bradford businessman Afzal Khan. With VAT, he paid a total of £440,000. It is going to be put on a Range Rover Cosworth. The previous record was £331,000 in July 2006, for the M1 plate.

Here's a couple of links about it:


The good thing is the money isn't just going to disappear in the council's coffers. It is going into the Pass Plus test scheme, aimed at developing the skills of young drivers. There seem to be more young people being killed on Essex roads than ever before - including two 17-year-old girls in a car which crashed just a few weeks ago - so anything that might help reduce that needless loss of life has to be a good thing.
I once saw "L1" on a Lexus LS400 - not a cheap car by any means, but I'd guess the plate was worth considerably more! :-D
Nope the most expensive one was recently brought like a week ago a saudi or dubai guy all it says is "1" the number 1.
I never did understand spending that kind of money on a number plate, as it is for vanity sake alone surely. But, if you have got it then I suppose it can't help to flaunt it.
btw, I didn't really feel it fair to fire AMS's chauffer lol. Sugar wasn't in the car, it was maneuvering in the parking lot at Brentwood House. Beautiful car I agree.
I used to live in Chelmsford and have seen F1 several times. I think it was on a limo, if I remember rightly. I still rather have LUV80X
Hubby could never afford his initials on a number plate as they are JAG!!!


I'd go for ORG45M myself!
or even better S10W BJ!
Steve parrish former superbike champion has PEN 15
There are 2 cars parked in a garage in London most of the time that I pass when I'm there: 2BE and NOT2BE or something like that. I was disappointed last time I went past as they were parked the wrong way around!
POW 3R crawled past me about a fortnight ago. I could have sworn blind that it was Phil Mitchel driving, but google pointed me to it being that darts player... was either a Bentley or Aston, some footballers car.

I would have preferred it to be Turbo B from Snap! Playing 'We've got the power'.
B14 TCH is near me in Canterbury. I was surprised the DVLA allowed it.
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think this was bill gates' car in 90s?

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my future one costs about £1250 may get it not sure yet. its DA51 BBY in other words DAS IBBY. DAS being Thats and Ibby being my nickname. So Thats Ibby.
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