I say, Old fruit to boooooze

    I've got some fruit in the freezer from last year that I collected from the garden. Apples, some strawberries, a few blackcurrants and plenty blackberries. My pal reckons I should try and make booze out of it rather than composting it. However he was a bit vague on the process, apart from offering to lend me a demijohn. He did say to start with just let it rot down in a bucket? But would it not be better to stick it all through a juicer and/or food processor? Anyway then he said strain that through some tights stick it into the demijohn and hey presto. Any ideas or improvements on that? When he did some last year with apples it was strong enough to make one go blind!

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    Depending on your chosen ingredients/method you may need to be careful as some of the by-products can be hazardous.

    I've just made elderflower champayne and that needed sugar and a small amount of yeast added too (but it is really fizzy) not sure about fruit, hope it goes well though

    You have to be really clean when homebrewing, you will need a thermometer and a pressure tube thingy. My hubby made beer and it wasn't that simple. You can't just mush it up and leave it lol.

    wilkinsons have all the home brewing stuff you need. good luck!

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    Nice stuff people, Im thinking with so much apple it will have to be a cider/scrumpy type of fuel!

    My mother makes her own alcohol... the stuff is strong, you could prolly use it to run an engine rather than to drink lol

    I tried making my own wine and Sake (japanese rice wine) to be honest it tasted :shock:

    i;d say make the fruit into a smoothie.
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