I seen a thread which included a site to find your tv's panel.

    You just put in your tv model and it tells you what panel it has.



    Really? Tell me more


    Really? Tell me more

    But YouDontWantToKnow?! oO

    Original Poster

    Sorry, I am trying to find the site as I have forgotten it.
    I think it could have been mentioned on the Amazon Warehouse thread but that is massive now.
    I did find out my Sony tv had an LG panel and my sisters had a Samsung panel.

    If you've already used the site, just check your browser history. Unless you were incognito at the time

    Original Poster

    Wasn't incognito lol.
    Thanks for your reply, I did find it in my history - didn't even think of that.
    Just in case anyone else was interested
    Thanks again..
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