i-SmartSim in LG Shine....

    Just received this from DX…167
    to use a Virgin sim in my Orange locked LG Shine.

    ......doesn't work, still get 'insert correct sim' message. pi55ed off!!

    anything i can do or just incompatible with my phone?
    if so has anybody got any cheap unlock solutions for this phone?

    thanks in advance


    Original Poster

    ..oh and is it worth telling Dealextreme it doesnt work? chances of a replacement/refund?!

    I'll offer £3.00 by paypal gift if you want to sell?

    Also just googled to see if any unlocks available and it looks as though you need special cable with software. Have you a local guy at your market??? Mine's pretty good but find a trusty one!

    Original Poster

    yep, i'll have to go to the market or a dodgy shop.

    i'll sell for that if you wanna buy, if it doesn't work for you i'll just refund
    would ony send it standard 1st class though.
    PM me

    PM'd details

    Payment sent - cheers!

    All rec'd!
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