I think HUKD is due us all something !!

    I was reading a certain website and look what i found:……984

    hehe look at the date.

    Now if thats due about 20 Dvd's :giggle:


    It was a promotion which ran for one month. We've had a few. It's what got me hooked in the first place. In February 2005 I got a 128Mb USB Disk and in March 2005 I got a 128Mb SD card.

    There's also been various ones for Amazon vouchers, and birthday treats. There's now a £50 amazon voucher competition until the 10th December too.

    That's encouraging spamming isn't it? EMMA!!!!

    Original Poster

    ???? what do you mean manwithnoname ?????

    Telling everyone to get to 50 posts, took me bloody forever to reach that amount....i think.

    Lol, it did require deal posts.

    I didn't received my Amazon voucher from last year's promotion.


    That's encouraging spamming isn't it? EMMA!!!!

    That's not very nice :? I'm no spammer!

    It's not spammer, it's spEmma :giggle:
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