i think i need to debrand my sony ericsson c902


    just bought a c902, i believe it is unlocked because it is vodaphone branded but it also works with o2 and orange sim cards (but more importantly, my blyk sim).

    is there a way to get rid of all the vodaphone crap on the phone though? i've been reading around on the internet and there are discussions about 'debranding' phones to get rid of this sort of stuff. if i were to 'debrand' my phone, would it remain unlocked?

    also, how would i go about debranding it? i'm aware it will probably cost money, but has anyone had any good experiences with debranding services?

    thanks all


    Goto, then forum and find the link to your fone and it tells you the info you required and the site to go to, I know it's on k850i thread. Around £15 to do your self

    Great site for fone info.

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    could you give me a link? i can't find it

    Original Poster

    sorry my post was a bit late there, i did actually find it myself just now, will have a read through that

    thanks all
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