i think my exhaust has blown? loud noise on front part. help

Found 7th May 2010
hi people driving my ford ka last night and i think exhaust went on me? very loud on front end, lack of power but can still be driven.
was quoted £400 plus for front manifold and cat.
any idea if i can get it cheaper and where?
nottingham based
ford ka 1.3i
x reg
thanks for your help
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Try these on the Bay 220446609783 sure there are others like them. Shouldn't imagine fitting will be mega expensive at your local independant.
That quote is rediculous, no offence but your car is probably worth about £400 in trade value.

You are looking at paying around £200 fitted for a full exhaust for the 1.3 KA.

It will be considerably cheaper than that if only part of it needs/can be replaced.

Go to the garage where you get your MOT done, probably going to give you a better quote.
£400 sounds about right. If you know somebody who can do it you could try a breakers though.
would have to have it checked i hope it centre pipe as thats alot cheaper
I live in Nottingham and I always use woodlinkin garage its on the A610 near Ikea. They are top guys and if something can be mended they will rather than replace. They welded my bro's saxo exhaust 3 time to keep him going when everybody said it would have to be replaced. The number is 01773 712 212. If you give them a bell or pop it down they will give you the options available.

:whistling: how much did they change each time?

Half an hour per time. At the time £19+vat so £22-£23. Kept it going for 18 months longer before he part chopped it in.:)
found out it center and backbox quoted £130 fitted, any better out there?

found out it center and backbox quoted £130 fitted, any better out there?

Sounds like a good price to me.
ive saw the parts for £60 but would anyone fit the parts?
68 Fitted On A Sunday
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