I think someone hacked into my HUKD account and if anyone has received any responses, please let me know

    Hi everyone,

    I think someone hacked into my account, as I've just spoken to someone on MSN and apparantly I've been sending hassling PMs to certain people online and I'm very upset about this.

    if anyone has received any PMs, can they please forward them to my MSN ad, which can be found under my username and can the mods please check IP addresses, as I have a strong feeling I know who hacked my account and just want confirmation that this has happened.

    I would very much appreciate anyone that can forward the PMs to me along with times and dates.

    Please accept my appologies for anyone that has been inconvenienced throughout this, as I promise and swear on my life it wasn't me and it's not in my nature to do something like this...........I swear on my whole families life as well as my future kids.

    Thank you

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