I think this ad goes a little too far

    I havn't seen this on here yet and when I came across it I was a little gobsmacked. I'm no prude or am I ? My opinion is you can't put this on the box or can you ?…jox


    Its a Russian advert for Russian TV, its not going to be on over here.


    Get back to your museum .. we are not still in the tudor period. nothing more than you see on a beach.

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    Ok scuttling off now back to my exhibit. I know my place:p

    Well, it`s a damn sight better than those bloody `Go Compare` ads.


    A couple of the Lynx ad's aren't too far from this imo.. Ok, the women aren't rubbing up themselves but its pretty close I think!
    Fact is, every (straight) guy on the planet will love seeing half naked women acting this way so they will tell you to stop moaning.. or the favourite 'You're just jealous!'. I would be bothered if it was on before 8/9pm (if it were a UK ad) because I wouldn't fancy my 7yr old seeing it as it is a bit provocative, but other than that Im not fussed

    Tame, more sauce in this

    My only issues with this ad are that it's not long enough and I also have no idea what they were advertising as I lost concentration shortly after the ad started.

    I'm no prude or am I ?

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    i see nothing wrong in this... they obviously took off their clothes so they dont get dirty and due to the recession the staff are having to clean the planes themselves.

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