I Tunes Help !!

    Hi guys, desperate for some help.
    Normally when I connect my IPod shuffle to my pc, ITunes automatically starts up.
    Now nothing, I've tried double clicking the icon and downloading the latest version, still nothing - any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


    have you tried rebooting your pc? might be windows is having a bad day

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    Yes I have, I tried each time I did something different - thank you appreciate help

    If the install has gone through ok then im not sure! have you changed added anything new or deleted anything recently, maybe new secturity software etc?

    maybe completely removing itunes using remove software/programs and software in the control panel and then installing itunes again!

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    Thank you - good idea I'll give it a go, I did get a large Norton update the other day, maybe it's something to do with that. I'll delete an re-install ITunes and see what happens - Thanks again.

    What operating system are you running? If it is Linux the driver might not of updated depending on the system.

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    I'm on Vista (and yes I hate it), I'm just trying to reinstall ITunes to see wot happens - Thank you

    Vista..........................there is no hope.............................Ok. Seriously try the following actions;
    System restore
    Reinstall Itunes
    Remove Norton and replace with avg to remove incompatibility issues (plus avg is better in my opinion)
    Try running windows in safe mode
    Drastic move (save everything of importance and THEN boot and nuke and reinstall everything)
    Very Drastic move (install yellow dog linux, however the last suggestion will lead to either a need for rapid increase of computer literacy or becoming so frustrated that you curse the invention of computers, the latter happened to my friend who quickly went back to windows xp)

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    No luck so far, and I've given up the will to live tonight. Thank you for all your help and advice, I'll give it another go tomorrow. I've added to your reputations.
    I've also E Mailed Apple and told them that unless they come up with a solution, I will be feeding the Ipod to my dog and forwarding them the remains as soon as they re-appear.
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