I urge anyone on Vodafone or considering getting a contract to read this

Found 2nd May 2008
I posted this on another thread about vodafone and their unlimited browsing on new contracts.

I urge anyone on a Vodafone contract or considering getting one to read the following article wurfl.sourceforge.net/vod…nt/

Most people are unaware that they are receiving sub standard service and that Vodafone have taken it upon themselves to decide what kind of mobile browsing experience you will receive.

Why this isn't bigger news is beyond me- especially those that use Vodafone's web service on their phone or mobile broadband on their laptops to log into https pages believing it to be secure- from the article

SSL model is disrupted: secure connections are no longer secure
"They're re-rendering the entire content... via a proxy which also terminates and remakes SSL, that one will hit the fan once the banks figure out that their home banking isnt secure any more."
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I know that contract Voda mobiles come with two Internet accounts, Vodafone Wap and Vodafone Internet.

It's the Wap account that uses the proxy to reduce the size of images and reformat the pages (and thus reducing data received and saving customers money).

If you use the Internet account then the proxy is bypassed and everything is as it should be. :thumbsup:
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