I Wanna Sat nav, dead good dead cheap, what d'ya know?

Found 16th May 2008
Hi folks, i really need your help, Im after a sat nav, and im thinking of a tom tom, oh and would love to get one with blue tooth, now the two ive seen are the 520 from tesco for a touch under 200 notes and also the 910 from pdadirect for 150 but thats the old version and im a funny bugger and love newest toys out but dont have the pony for the latest model, thats why i need your help, i can maybe at an ultimate stretch go to 200 sheets but want the best ever sat nav in the world for that, and you guys know the best deals ever so what do you know?

Thanks guys
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I have both TomTom and garmin Nuvi.

I really like the Garmin best, easier to use and I think better maps. (the reason I have two was because in USA it was cheaper to buy a Tom Tom than the North America maps for the Garmin) but as I say, the Garmin is in my opinion, easier to use.
hang fire dude, theres gonna be a lotta changes in sat nav shortly so best bet buy a cheapie and sit it out
Hi Michaelmakro. I am of to the US in 3 weeks for a month, and wiill be hiring a car there.

Can you tell me how much your tomtomcost over there..? I have a go520 over here, and was going to get the US map from TT. Was it miuch cheaper getitng the TT from over there..?


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