I wanna sell a load of old stuff..

    on ebay, but are people still buying as much as last year? With this credit crunch I am thinking that people wont be buying stuff they dont really need.

    Stuff I have is stuff like games, cd, dvds, phones, records.

    Anyone trying to get a deal off me in this thread will be reported Advice only needed.


    you should try and sell your dvd, games & cd on play- 10 free trades till the end of this month.
    Phones normal sell well on on ebay- but beware of scams

    personally I wouldn't bother. but some people are addicted to ebay so they will contine to spend on there even if they have no money.

    Ebay is really getting on my nerves and I would suggest looking elsewhere to sell your items. How about on here / Gumtree / Play - as already suggested. Am sure you will end up with a better price as well.

    Now back to your original question - I guess people are still buying things if they need it. Phones / DVDS / CDs I think will sell. Good luck

    Maybe you ought to try selling some stuff on here,problem with ebay nowis , you have to take into account the new postage requirements they are setting in certain categories,starts next week

    Reminder - Postage & packaging policy changes effective 27th January 2009
    From 27th January 2009, we'll be making the following changes to our postage and packaging (P&P) policy on

    All sellers listing on will have to specify at least one domestic postage service and P&P cost (some categories are excluded).
    We'll set maximum costs that can be charged for domestic P&P in the following categories: Books, Comics & Magazines, DVD, TV & Film, Music, Video Games, Mobile and Home Phones.
    All DVD listings will have to offer at least one domestic postage service with free P&P.
    We're making these changes to encourage competitive postage & packaging offers on eBay More detail on how these changes will affect your listings can be found at:…tml

    Free P&P and Best Match
    From 27th January 2009 adopting Free P&P could boost your exposure in Best Match.

    Edit Postage & packaging details on live listings

    We have now added functionality for sellers to edit postage and packaging details for live listings which have a purchase history. It is currently available in the Sell Your Item form, Turbo Lister and the APIs. We will release this feature in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro in the first quarter of 2009.

    What do I need to do?
    Ensure all your listings have specified at least one domestic postage service and if you're listings include the categories above ensure the postage cost is within the set cap.

    When is it happening?
    27th January 2009
    We'd also like to remind you that listings offering free P&P in Media categories* will get a reduction of 25% of their final value fee. This promotion is running now, ending on 31st December.

    *Terms and conditions apply. The list of categories for which this promotion applies and full conditions can be found at:…PP/

    From the 27th January 2009 we will be offering 25% off the final value fee for all DVD sales, This promotion will be running until the end of March 2009. Please see full terms and conditions, which will be available closer to the time.

    You could look at it from both sides, ebay may slow down because people don't have as much to spend so avoid it, but on the other hand more people might now be attracted to ebay BECAUSE they don't have as much money so I don't think sales will be affected too much at all. The only thing I think might affect ebay at the moment is that people have bought loads in the sales over Christmas and therefore don't actually need anything but I don't think the credit crunch will affect ebay at all.
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