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Found 23rd Nov 2008
I moved in about 3 months ago and I still need to buy the following items for my kitchen:

Baking tray
Pots and Pans
Pyrex bowls
Measuring jug (/s?)
Measuring spoons
Rolling pin
Wire Whisk/s
Soup ladle
Spatulas, normal, angled, rubber scraper
Nested various size sieves
Steel colander
Roasting pan
Cooling racks
Cheese grater
vegetable peeler (e.g. swivel-bladed)
Kitchen Timer
Drying Rack
Instant read thermometer

I am not a poor man, and I can afford to invest in high quality products that for their longevity will work out cheaper than lower quality alternatives (and they might also save money indirectly by saving time).
I'm also a tight git and rarely buy anything unless it is at substantial discount/representing exceptional value for money, even if that means waiting for a deal to come along when I could forgo that notion and just buy what I need.
But admittedly, that's going to have to take the backburner for now - I simply can't cook without some of these items, and if I'm spending extra money on takeaways, that's going to cost me much more to my wallet and my health, so the more essential items I'll take a hit on if necessary I suppose (I had considered buying cheap tat and then replacing it when a deal came along, but I've decided that will probably cancel out the saving on most things!).

Please, recommend me purchases. I'll update the thread and strike off items as I kit out my kitchen. This list could become a fantastic resource for people moving into their first home.

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Try tesco superstores for pyrex,roasting pans and utensils, we did and its all good quality at low prices....

I would try the discount stores first if you have them-TJHughes-B&M bargains-Home bargains.
I bought a lot of my items from TJS including pyrex bowls and oven trays(alkinds of baking goods) They had i guess what were seconds although i never have found the fault...i paid like 99p for baking trays which were £6 in other stores.
B&M often have quality stuff and Home bargains-we got a few kitchen items for daughter cheap-statulas and things...
If these fail to fill your cupboards-Matalan-I got my stainless steel spatula etc set and have had them about 9 years still brilliant!
Dont dismiss asda for cheap bits like wooden spoons (19p i think)

IKEA if your near one.

i got a lotof jamie oliver and nigela items from ebay stores... you get what you pay for as these are fantastic!

TK Maxx does a fair bit of kitchen stuff. Usually good quality but for half the rrp. Good luck

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BTW I ended up going to Ikea for utensils and bits and bobs and TK Maxx for pots and pans and Selfridges for plates and glasses (ok, that part was expensive!) was very impressed with what I found cheers people.
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