I want a bargain camera please

Found 28th Dec 2006
My canon powershot screen has died. I want another camera please.

In a nutshell which is the best deal/bargain at the mo ( without having to research as I don't have time.!!!) I will spend aroung £100 ish depending on the deal.

Thanks in advance folks x

All the best for 2007

Sarahmoo x

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if you don't require the printer..these cameras get excellent reviews

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Looks quite good cheers. Don't need a printer as well tho so perhaps could get a better spec for that price?

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Thanks currychops.. Quite liking the sound of that one. How do I thank you guys on this site?

Any other suggestions ?

If your going for that m8 have a look here


Hope this helps


sarahmoo, try ]this

use the codes zq4322 & xx494 to get it for £59.50 delivered. 5 megapixel and a decent brand! Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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Thanks for both of those. Are those codes for amazon? Tried and they didnt work... :oops: Maybe they're not for amazon?

Ta xx

sarahmoo, they are for lxdirect.

funny enough i have been looking at this camera aswell today (A430)

was voted best budget buy here: computershopper.co.uk/lab…tml

2nd place was voted best buy and that was for the Sony DSC-W30 (£130 ish)

the a430 really looks good for the price, review of the A430 here: steves-digicams.com/200…tml

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Emasu I tried those codes and got this:

4m pixel digital camera PS218 * Tuesday 2 January £129.00 £12.90
Remove Item.
- £25 LX VISA CARD ZQ4322
SUBTOTAL £129.00
DISCOUNT £-37.90
P&P £3.50


What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :-D

HP are not often recommended..mine broke after a few weeks and I have never been happy with the replacement so now have a Canon...a much better brand.
reviews/deals can be found at [url]www.cameras.co.uk[/url]
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