I want a biube!

    Like the biorb but I want the biube anyone know of a good deal?

    I also want a wii but thats a completely different topic!


    Reminds me of this :thumbsup:
    The Biube looks pretty cool though really.

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    That would be more fun though, its for decoration, do I really want it myself!?

    Biubes are terrible in design; fish swim in stratas; biubes minimise space that way. They also minimise surface area = poor oxygenation of tank.

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    Don't worry about that I have had plenty of experience with fish, thanks for your comment though.

    NP. Hope it works well for you. Have seen them cheap in J ********** (our one has an aquatics shop at the back) still tiny capacity @ 60L. Were about 70 quid all in (tank stand heater filter gravel crappy cheap food lighting spare carbon tiny net)

    hmm the name of a certain supermarket is blocked?

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    Sean, could you please pm me the details?

    Thanks for the rep J!
    Gl finding a nice deal (be sure to post a piccie up in Misc! and if you want any plant cuttings feel free to pm me; have a fair number, will post at cost)
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