I want a blackberry....

    ...what Blackberry the best (want sim free)? Have a 5800 at moment, hate it. Any recomendations which mode the best?



    I had an 8310 and have just recycled it, upgrading to the 8520.

    I'd say this one is a lot better because they've got rid of the trackball on it which was annoying because it used to stick. It was £190 to buy sim free.

    bold 9700 - -

    I had the 5800 as well before now on the 9700 excellent phone! got mine sim free as well.

    The "Curve" range is the best if you want to buy the phone sim free for hard earned cash, that leaves the 8520 and 8900, either one is great.

    I normally use CNET for reviews, seem very favourable:…htm

    I couldn't go back to a non touch blackberry after having a Storm...but I know lots of people don't like them!
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