I want a decent PS3 game

As the title says I only have the following games:

COD 5 - Ok game, Excellent Multiplayer
GTA 4 - Awesome Game, Awesome Multiplayer
Assassin's Creed - Ok Game
oh and I had The Club for 1 day - Absolutely Rubbish Game

I want a game that is good single player and that I won't complete in 2 days I'm a GTA/Hitman fan...any suggestions people?


Gotta be Saints Row 2 :thumbsup:

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Ah Ha Thanking you! Is the story mode nice and long then like gta long?


Ah Ha Thanking you! Is the story mode nice and long then like gta long?

Dunno about GTA long as I haven't got round to playing gta much as I have been rocking out in saints, plenty to do, totally crazy game, some of the stuff you can do.
Some hilarious uncle gary (gary busey)videos out there.
Trust falling lol



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right gonna pick it up tomorrow! Thanks, I was looking at the back of some games in the shops and I just thought... naaaaaaaaaaaah that is such a poor attempt to rob me of £30-40.

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thanks for that link

Cod 4?

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Hmmmm yes was thinking that but might just squeeze all the enjoyment out of COD 5 and wait for modern warfare 2 later this year.


littlebig Planet, AMAZING

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I bought Saints Row 2... I'm liking it...very different to GTA 4 which is good for me as I don't think it would be wise for the developers to have competed with GTA. The car physics is a little strange but its refreshing as its much faster to get around. So much to do in Saints Row 2! TY all.
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