I want a Free Line rental Deal.

    the only FREE deal I could find on the whole google is offered by website beepy co uk.
    Quidco is offering £40 cashback which would make it like freedeal with £40 on the top..
    I am already bitten by mobileoutlet co uk so it is difficult to buy these kind of deal aprt from Phone4u and Carfonewarehouse.

    I did some search on beepy but could not find some solid reviews..
    After researching some interesting information I have found so thought why not share it here.
    Beepy is owned by shebang limited and I have a reference to shebang on Tesco Mobile website. It looks like shebang are the supplier to Tesco. Which I think will make them stay in the business for longer as Tesco is big account for them and they will try to keep their reputation intact to keep Tesco account.…tml (see no 17. Miscellaneous)

    Am I right to make such assumtions??




    ]http//ww….uk is a good site, but most free ones are going according to duckmagic


    I have been searching the web for a new mobile phone over the past couple of weeks - as I am up for a new one soon. Must comparison sites I have been on, has been there...I think you your are right Shebang does support beepy....looking into shebang further, they support Tesco in their shops too!

    I think you are safe to continue with the deal you have found - happy hunting!
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