I want an iPhone

    Is now a good time to by one?

    Am thinking of waiting for the new software to come out & possibly the new phone?



    There should be an announcement of a new iPhone on Monday - I'd wait.

    yes now is a good time...quick go...go now!

    Wait for the news about a new one, if it doesn't happen get the current one! I love my iphone, does everything I need it to

    dont get one, becuase the people on bitter wallet will think your a ****....... then go and write praise for the apps available for it.

    Wait two weeks

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    yes now is a good time...quick go...go now!


    GO GO GO!!

    I have O2 discount card thing that entitles me to 30% of tariffs, but I'm not sure if it inclues the iphone tariffs....

    def get one but id wait to see what the new one will be like and price etc :thumbsup:

    the nect itteration of the Iphone is coming out soon.
    wait until that is released and you will be able to pick up 3g iphone cheaper.

    I do think the iphone is poor in comparisson to Android. But its really horses for courses.

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    Whats getting a job at macdonalds got to do with it?

    I think the only upgrade that wil be useful will be the speculated double ram, not sure why apple were so tight on the ram in the first place. Sims 3, Tiger Woods, Need for Speed really stretch the ram of the current 3G and can be prone to crashing.

    Other than that most speculated changes are software related so should be available in 3.0
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