I want dirt cheap travel insurance

    including the US for single trip only, anyone recommend one?


    post office do cheap insurance

    columbus did a really cheap one for my daughter it was about £45 but it was an annual and she has used it 3 times in the last year as it covers if you go away over 2 nights hers was for world travel

    Atlas did really cheap insurance for me.

    Columbus was much cheaper than the Post Office for us.

    travelsupermarket got my annual cover for £10 have great cover at low prices, plus have a look on the vouchers board for more money off and possibly topcashback too.

    AA for me

    You sure it's not included in your bank benefits? It is with Smile.

    I used to use Atlas, they were usually pretty cheap. Now I've got travel insurance included for me and my gf through our home insurance, I also have it included with my bank account. Might be worth checking if you're not covered already?


    Check they cover imaginary iPads
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