Anyone on Ps3 who plays COD5 then add me. mhh1981.

    I fancy a good few hours playing after the final tonight :-)


    are you any good.?
    what age group.? (ie cursing/language)

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    are you any good.?what age group.? (ie cursing/language)

    yeah, I'd like to think so. I'm 27 years young. All my mates are pony along with my on the lookout for either a clan or some new blood to beat haha

    what level u got to on nazi zombies map 1?

    its a cool game love it , even better now most of the glitchs have been closed

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    what level u got to on nazi zombies map 1?

    11. Thanks to my raygun.

    cool 22 for me

    you can add me scotland121

    add me also - PSN id. emhaslam

    see you in the game

    You're similar age to me, you can add me, PSN same as name here.

    I'm so old fashioned. I never imagined " I need friends" would refer to gaming lol


    add me also - PSN id. emhaslam :)see you in the game

    hmmm no comment..............:-D

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    cheers guys. Add you all tonight :-) I'll be on for 730.
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