I want me some Doughnuts!!!!! help a brutha out :)

    So peeps where is the best place to go for some fine quality yummy in my tummy scrumptious finger lickin doh! nuts.

    And dont tell me Krispy Kreme because thats out of the question since my nearest store is over 40 + miles away *cries*

    If someone wants to send me a free sample *winks* box of krispy kreme doughnuts i'll be your friend forever! hehe Thanks and Goodbye


    Krispy Kreme without a doubt.
    Worth the 80mile round trip.

    I prefer them straight out of the fryer, dumped in sugar and served in a paper bag. No car boots on near you? Market place? Stand outside and follow the whiff of over used fat.


    Have a Lutherburger


    Here!Have a Lutherburger

    There is no way that burger is cooked right through. Not going to risk it

    OK Instructions for making your own jammy doughnuts

    Video here
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    My favs are simple jam doughnuts from supermarket. If you're anywhere near the coast like Brighton, its all about the doughnuts on the pier.

    p.s. I see Krispy Kreme in all the Tescos around me

    Krispy Creme have stands in Tesco. Morrisons ones are good too for a good price. If you have no shops near you, you might want to consider buying one of them doughnut kiosk/vans like you see at the fair and setting up a business. You can't be the only one craving doughnuts!

    yep try tescos for krispy creme
    i also like sainsburys jam doughnuts

    Original Poster

    none of my local tescos have any kk outlets instore

    Tim Hortons, you will have to go to canada though haha

    If you live near a major town like Birmingham or Manchester (not sure of other places) there's the "German Maket" there and they have A-MAY-ZING donuts. Custard with icing and mini smarties and they're so fresh. They were 5 for £5 expensive but weirdly worth it! They also had some filled with nutella- tasted yuck, and some strawberry jam ones which tasted a bit weird. Custard ones were deffo the best!
    If not then I agree about the one's from Sainsbury's. I love their ring donuts!

    I have tried the donuts all over...marks and spencers are quite nice, the ring donuts, they are usually very soft and not tough, they are not too dry nor greasy, they are just the right size and have just the perfect amount of sugar on
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