I want one…tml

    Check this out, looks excellent.

    Pity it wasn't available for father's day, I'd have loved one.



    What an excellent idea!

    How much is one??

    how much are they cant find a price anywhere?

    They have only been released to Hong Kong toy market in Jan,so might not be here as yet.....I saw $400 mentioned somewere in all the info,but not sure, These will be a big hit this xmas.....probably on there way here, on the Argos xmas they look cool though, it looks like it's what been used with model plane flying for a while,now been adapted for cars.....I'd guess about £100 to £200.....but just a guess:?...See post below....i guessed way wrong

    Q. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0099cc]What does FPV stand for ?[/COLOR][/FONT]
    A. FPV is short for First Person View.

    Link to being used in air,sooooooooo cool and realistic :w00t:…qxw


    how much are they cant find a price anywhere?

    :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: [SIZE=7]£600[/SIZE]…tml


    Eeeek 600 is a little pricey, looks fun tho!

    Original Poster



    One of these, or 900 litres of home heating oil. Think the kids will need to buy a few jumpers

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