I want outta 3 contract now!

    Apart from the ways that have been mentioned on here previously, is there any other way possible to get out of a 3 contract?

    I want to get out of asap!

    All info will be much appreciated : )


    why do you want to get out of your contract?

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    why do you want to get out of your contract?

    I want to leave three to get a iphone 3G

    I was thinking if i can get out with a 30-day notice, it will be perfect timing for 11th July (launch date)

    I also want out for same reasons!! However, thinking about it, i have 14 months left!!! Not paying a penny just to go with o2.

    Will wait and see. If it's all safe and same procedure, i may be tempted to unlock a new iphone, but i'm thinking they will change the process of buying etc.

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    I've got 14 months to go too and the deal they gave me is a pretty good one.

    Looks like we are stuffed!
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